We at BIE Design pride our use of different mediums, in which to communicate our design ideas. We believe that through accurate and quality rendering we can actively pursue presentations to clients, and be sure that they know exactly what we have in our design minds. Through the use of CAD programs we are able to get a better appreciation of form as it evolves through the design cycle. This ability to quickly change the design through such software allows Clients to see the changes we have made and make comparative opinions about one design to another. (please click on the renderings to view a short slide show of these designs)

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Below is a video presentation of the work collated for a group project focusing on improving public transport in an around Coventry. The idea was to create a PRT (Personal Rapid Transport) system that would transport services, goods and passengers without interfering with the current, overloaded infrastructure of Coventry.The project gained much interest from Coventry City council whom we collaborated with and also from a company called “Climate Change Solutions Ltd”. We presented this concept at the “Power of Knowledge 2012”(December 12th 2008) conference which can

 be viewed from their website (http://www.climate-change-solutions.co.uk/smart2020_video.php)


Below is yet another video, demonstrating how we as designers explore the realms of physics and the material universe. Often ideas result in small demonstrations or rig testing where we explore ideas to see if they work in reality. Here is a small video demonstrating how I looked at permanent magnets as a means of propelling a vessel through a channel of water. The original application of this was to be used in cannel systems, where such a set up would behave similar to that as a maglev system used currently on train and metro systems.


The following video is a demonstration of experimentation with materials. It shows here that even the most complex forms can be made from a combination of such materials as card and paper. This video gives a short demonstration of how I formed a shoe and how I ensured a complex form can be maintained through the various curvature techniques I used.